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I consider myself to be a great travel blogger, but there are so many others with unique perspectives and stories. While I’ve seen and experienced so much, I’m not an expert in all destinations and topic areas. As a 29-year old man, I don’t cover niche areas like family travel and woman travel like other travel blogs can. For these reasons, I am super excited to share my favorite travel blogger websites around the world, ranging from solo travelers and backpackers to family adventure blogs and luxury jetsetters. These trailblazers have inspired me to get out and travel, and I’m confident they will fuel your wanderlust, too!

Born in the Central Coast of Australia, this Aussie couple has lived in five countries and now reside in North Carolina. They jet set all over the world with their two daughters, sharing tips and inspo from their travel adventures.

I met Caz on a press trip in Northern California a few months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed following her family’s adventurers ever since. There content isn’t just a highlight reel, either. In addition to sharing breathtaking and inspiring travel content, they also share the challenges they encounter along the way, as well as raw and authentic experiences that you don’t typically get with other vacation bloggers. I really admire their work and I think you will, too!

Travel bloggers can wear many hats – ranging from informational and enlightening to funny and entertaining. Fortunately, Travel Tom Tom gives his audience the best of both worlds. This Dutch blogger (and vlogger) has been traveling the world continuously since 2012, visiting 147 countries and sharing many serendipitous moments and laughs along the way.

I’m a huge fan of this guy. He’s one of the very few travel bloggers that shares his travel experiences in a raw and authentic way. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything – he will challenge your beliefs and show you things that are uncomfortable (i.e. tourist scams and culturally sensitive topics) – all while getting lost in exotic places and dancing with locals. I encourage everyone with a sense of humor to check out his page (his IG shows his personality much more than his website). If you’re looking to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures, Travel Tom Tom is your man!

For adventure seekers, The Planet D is one of the best travel blogs out there. Dave and Deb are an award-winning travel duo based in Canada and have visited more than 110 countries. They write comprehensive travel guides and itineraries, which I’ve used to plan my own travels around the world.

In addition to their helpful travel tips, Dave and Deb are also amazing photographers, sharing breathtaking images and videos on their blog and social media channels. Through their informative and inspirational travel content, The Planet D Adventure Travel Blog has enriched millions of people’s lives around the globe. So, it’s no wonder they are considered among the best blogs for travel!

Financial savvy travelers won’t want to miss out following The Points Guy. This best travel blog is dedicated to tips on credit cards and rewards points.

Brian Kelly, the founder of this travel blogger website, covers everything from how to boost airline points and miles to hacking hotel rewards, so you can travel for free and find the best deals. I really like his credit card reviews, which I’ve used when finding my own travel rewards credit cards.

Brian now has a staff of more than 100, including editors, writers and reporters, and other contributors. So, you always know you’re getting the best and most up-to-date content on his site. While his website is not as “personal” as it used to be, I really value the level of detail and accuracy of TPG’s articles. As such, it’s easy to see why this is among the best travel the world blogs.


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