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Is the most delicate, extremely detailed advanced float fishing style.

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Herabuna Fishing

Knowing the traits and behaviors of Crucian Carp is key to fishing for them. Before you go 
fishing, lets learn a little bit about the Crucian Carp.


         HOW TO

  • Crucian Carp Fishing Style
    This style is characterised by a finesse approach to freshwater float fishing with flick tip whips to hand and specialist sensitive antennae floats, often using specialist pastes and pull baits.
  • How to Mix the Bait
    The Bait is diluted in accordance with the recommendation on the package. We can knead one bait and use it on both hooks, or we can mix two types of bauit, nozzle and bait. After we have made moisturizing, the bait should be infused for 3-5 mi nutes.
  • Baiting the Hook
    Square shaped bait has more resistance in the water and therefore breaks up easier which his good for attracting fish. Carefully rounded bait has less resistance in the water, breaks up slower and leaves a piece of bait in the bend of the hook. Bait stays on the hook for a long time
  • Fishing Rods
    There are 2 types of Herabuna rods: Telescopic and Sectional rods ( sectional rods are assembled by connecting sections ) The rods are made from carbon or traditionaly done by bamboo masters.
  • Fishing line
    When fishing for Herabuna use a sinking nylon line with a diameter of 0.8-1.2 mm according to the Japanese classification, which corresponds to a cross section of 0.14-0.18 mm, a breaking load of 2-3.5 kg, respectively. Fishing line for the leash is chosen with a diameter of two times less.
  • Hooks
    Barbless hooks are usualy used to safely remove it from the fish and let the fish go without any harm. Easier to remove the hook from the net.
  • Floats
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         HOW TO

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Herabuna Fishing USA

The Herabuna is a member of the carp family closely related to the crucian carp, and native to Japan. The popular name for this fish in America is "Japanese crucian carp" or "white crucian carp." a very popular sports fishing throughout many places in Japan, China, Korea and recently was introduced to Russia, Europe and USA.


It provides a tremendously wide variety of fishing in freshwater with the control that is superb.



My name is Igor....Many years ago I have moved to the USA to discover a new life, new possibilities, Fishing has always been my passion, taking significant part of my life.

Hera fishing is the greatest experience. It is a very popular sport  in comparison to any other fishing you may have tried, this one could give you the biggest adrenaline rush.

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Carp are often underappreciated and are usually located in places where new anglers fishing from the bank can access. With simple techniques, patience, and a little luck, anyone can catch a hard fighting carp. Do a little research and then get after it, There are big carp swimming somewhere near you.