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Mealy And Moore Machine Vhdl Code For Serial Adder [WORK]

In this project, we are going to design a serial adder. A serial adderis a circuit that performs binary addition bit by bit (i.e., insteadof presenting both operands at the inputs of an adder at the sametime, the operands are fed into the serial adder bit by bit andit generates the answer on the fly). To design such a circuit, we aregoing to use the state diagram as the mode of describing thebehavior of the circuit, and then translate the state diagram into Verilogcode.

mealy and moore machine vhdl code for serial adder


CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL ELECTRONICS * Basics. - Digital and analog signals. Definition and characteristics. - Digital electronics. Applications. CHAPTER 2: DIGITAL REPRESENTATION OF THE INFORMATION * Digital representation of the information. - Information concept and unit of information. - Information codification. * Numeral systems. - Binary numeral system. - Octal numeral system. - Hexadecimal numeral system. - System conversion. * Binary codes. - Natural binary code. - Decimal codes expressed in binary code: BCD, Excess-3 BCD. - Cyclic and continuous binary codes: Gray and Johnson. - Representation of signed numbers. - Representation of fixed point and floating point numbers. - Alphanumeric codes: ASCII. - Applications. CHAPTER 3: BOOLEAN ALGEBRA. LOGIC FUNCTIONS * Boolean algebra. - Boolean algebra postulates. - Boolean algebra theorems. * Logic functions. - Definition of logic variable. - Definition of logic function. - Representation of logic functions. Truth table. - Basic logic functions and their symbols (logic gates). - Complete sets of logic gates. - Function generation with logic gates. * Simplification with logic functions. - Simplification by application of theorems. - Canonical forms for a logic function. Synthesis by minterms and maxterms. - Simplification with Karnaugh maps. Examples. - Simplification of incomplete functions. - Simplification of multifunctions. CHAPTER 4: DIGITAL ARITHMETIC SYSTEMS * Binary arithmetic. - Introduction. - Arithmetic operations in binary natural code. Binary addition. Binary substraction. Substraction as an addition: Representation of negative numbers in ones complement and in twos complement. Binary multiplication. - Arithmetic operations in BCD: addition and substraction. * Arithmetic circuit. - Basic half-adder. - Complete adder. - Parallel adder with serial carry. - Parallel adder with parallel carry. - Serial adder. - Basic half-substracter. - Complete substracter. - Adder-substracter. - Binary multiplier. - Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). CHAPTER 5: OTHER COMBINATIONAL SYSTEMS * Combinational circuits and subsystems. - Combinational circuit concept. - Digital multiplexer. Multiplexer extension. Applications of multiplexers: parallel-serial conversion. Generation of functions. - Encoders. Standard encoders. Priority encoders. - Decoders. Mutual exclusive output decoders. Driver decoders. Decoder extension. Decoder applications: serial-parallel conversion (demultiplexers). Generation of logical functions. - Code coverters. - Parity generator and checker. Parity generator and checker extension. - Binary comparator. Comparator extension. CHAPTER 6: SEQUENTIAL SYSTEMS * Flip-flop circuits. - Sequential system definition. - Types and characteristics: asynchronous and synchronous. - R S flip-flop. - J K flip-flop. - T flip-flop. - D flip-flop. - Flip-flop timing parameters. * Shift registers. - Register concept. - Shift registers. Serial input, serial output. Serial input, parallel output. Parallel input, serial output. Parallel input, parallel output. - Bidirectional register. - Applications of registers. Sequence generator. * Counters. - Digital counters. - Asynchronous counters. Decade counter. - Synchronous counters. Serial and parallel carry. - Reversible counter. - Counters based on shift registers. Ring counter. Johnson counter. Anti-lockout counter. - Applications. * Analysis and design of synchronous sequential circuits. - Analysis of synchronous sequential circuits. - Transition tables and state diagrams: Mealy and Moore machine state. - Synthesis of synchronous sequential systems. 350c69d7ab


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