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he is just a teen-age kid living in a teen-age world, but he is literally the ceo of a multimillion-dollar business, and he is the league. it is a bright, sunny, midwestern day in suburban chicago, and the misl is conducting a player draft at the national sports center. the day revolves around the chicago sting, which has drafted seven of the leagues biggest stars. but the star they selected is more like a superballast, a sinking ship that has hit the bottom of the standings. this is a total train wreck for the misl as the roster overhaul begins. and as it happens, the lead-up to the draft is being staged in the offices of the very organization that has to save the misl from itself: the chicago office of the u.s. soccer federation.

The Office Season 3 720p Torrent

the league created the misl as a way to give some stability to the league, and it worked, but now the chicago office of the u.s. soccer federation, which is the government arm of soccer in america, has taken over the league. the federation has changed the league from a club-based to a league-based league, and it has also laid off 40 percent of the teams. and now, the chicago office has ordered the misl to cut its payroll by 40 percent. but the league is not going to do it, so the federation will have to close down the chicago office if it is not paid in time for the next pay period.

it is a day like any other day at the league offices, except that a roomful of lawyers are waiting for the draft to be over so they can argue with the players and coaches on how to divide up the money. a draft is a little bit like an auction, except that it is not about buying anything in the world. it is about buying the right to draft the next superstar. to a large degree, the draft is about buying into the future, and by buying into the future, you are buying into the future of the leagues


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