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the goal of these efforts is to significantly reduce the time, costs, and error rates associated with acquiring construction services contracts. to achieve these goals, kratos will work with the national institute of civil construction, the honduran national contracting office, and the honduran human rights institute.

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my review is based off the pre-production model we were using for review. i was a little disappointed with the lack of customization options. i had thought on design if i wanted anything really different with my camera. i use a thumb grip to hold on to the front of the camera. i use a small pouch to hold my other controls such as the on/off switch, what the camera is focusing on, etc. i use a new type of lens pouch i found. it is a really good bag because it wraps around the front of the camera. it allows my lens to sit off to the side so it can be attached and removed without it messing up my aperture. the lens pouch is really the only thing i ever change and could be fairly easily done with a little bit of time. there is also a scratch guard/matte that is included that i have not had any issues with. the pictures are in the correct aspect ratio with not a lot of cropping and everything is in sharp focus. i really like the camera. i can tell it is a good camera. it was not the camera i wanted. the front is so flat that it was a little distracting to me.

if you have a 5d mk ii you should be all set for a nice stay at mountain lake. (which is what i will be spending my vacation in come may). the only "small" issue i have with the 5d mk ii is that for some reason the 10 - 11 sec self-timer is also the mirror up / down counter sequence. as a result i don't have a quick way of turning the mirror up / down without changing the timer. i do not know if that will be addressed in the next firmware update or not. it was certainly a minor thing which shouldn't hold me up from staying at mountain lake.


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